Flir E60 Thermal Image Camera

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Fr E60 Thermal Imaging Camera

  • 0.05°C @ 30°C Thermal Sensitivity

  • Bright LED Light

  • Annotate Images with Voice

  • Picture-in-Picture (Scalable)

  • Thermal Fusion

  • 3.5” Touch-Screen LCD Display

  • 4X Continuous Zoom

  • Area Min/Max with Auto Hot/Cold Spot Marker

  • Delta T - Differential Temperature

  • High Resolution IR Images - 76,800 pixels (320 x 240) Infrared resolution

  • Visible Light Digital Camera - 3MP resolution with flash provides sharp images regardless of ghting conditions

  • Thermal Fusion - Blending of thermal and digital images in real-time

  • Scalable Picture in Picture (PIP) - Displays thermal image superimposed over a digital image and is scalable to resize the thermal image

  • Bright LED Light - Allows the visual camera and fusion to be used in poorly t environments

  • Wide Temperature Range - From -20° to +650°C targeting electrical and industrial appcations

  • ± 2% Accuracy - reable temperature measurement

  • Thumbnail Image Gallery - Allows quick search of stored images

  • Li-Ion Rechargable Battery - lasts >5hrs continuous use; replaceable

  • Copy to USB - Easy upload of images from camera to USB memory stick

  • Laser LocatIRâ„¢ Pointer - Pinpoints a reference spot with a laser

  • Laser Marker - Marks the point on the IR displayed image as to where the Laser pointer is targeting

  • IR Window Correction - Software settings allow you to account for transmission loss through IR windows




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