Ranger PM7000T High Speed Power Quality Analyser

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  • Auto-ranking Waveform Capture

  • Records 32 channels simultaneously for 2 WEEKS with single cycle resolution on changes because of our Exclusive Patented “Single Cycle Adaptive Store”

  • Also, records over 470 channels of general parameters) in 10 minute(or user specified) increments. Gives unprecedented detail.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7” Pre Programmed With PMScreen Supplied With Each Unit

  • Reports to the Standards.

  • Can automatically download data after each recording to USB stick

  • The only analyser to include the required Instantaneous Flicker Sensation output.

  • Provides authoritative Flicker measurements to IEC61000-4-15.

  • Harmonic Direction shows if Harmonics are upstream or downstream of the point of measurement. Also measures individual Harmonics to the 50th, and Interharmonics (optional)

  • Comes with Pre-stored Configurations. Just choose through the communication port, or program your own with the included PMScreen Software.

  • Phasor Diagram Display ensures correct hook up and shows the phase relationship of individual harmonics, NOT just the fundamental.

  • On-screen HELP guides users through configuration and hook up

  • Stores up to 200 configurations on board. Eliminates the need to program on site.

  • Just choose a configuration, press Load and Start.

  • Over 200 Megabyte of on Board Data Storage plus USB Flash Memory Expansion Port.

  • Sampling rate: PM7000T 24576 samples / cycle @ 50 Hz

  • The only Cat IV 600V Phase A powered Power Quality Analyser

  • See on the PDA:

    • Status,

    • Live screens for waveforms

    • Harmonics

    • Interharmonics

    • Trends

    • Disturbance Incidents (3D Bar, CBEMA, Severity Duration v Time)

    • Phasors & many more




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