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Air Quality Testing Equipment Rental To Help You Maintain Required Standards

Air quality testing equipment rental can help you to maintain a healthy working environment and ensure that you are meeting your Health and Safety commitments. In doing this, and by taking the correct action following any testing, you can also benefit from significant cost savings, improve workforce health and increase productivity. The first step in achieving all of this is understanding the regulations and legislation that your test and measurement hire needs to help you comply with. This includes details from the HSE, COSHH, Building Bulletin 101, CIBSE KS17 and BREEAM HS02.

The purpose of each of these organisations’ guidelines and pieces of legislation is to provide information for businesses on how to maintain a safe and comfortable working environment, and to avoid illnesses such as ‘sick building syndrome’. Symptoms attributed to sick building syndrome include irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, coughs and respiratory infections that occur frequently and with no obvious cause, skin irritation and reoccurring rashes, headaches, mental fatigue, dizziness and nausea. Indoor air quality testing equipment rental can help prevent these symptoms by highlighting potential problems early on. It can be as simple as needing to improve cleaning routines to reduce particles in the air; opening more windows; or alternatively making sure that windows are closed so that air conditioning units are more effective.

While monitoring should be undertaken at regular intervals, it is much more cost effective to consider air quality meter rental rather than to buy expensive equipment that may only be used every six months, or after a complaint is made. If you are looking for exceptional air quality testing equipment, then look no further than Aughton Hire. We can meet all your hire needs from air quality to flow meter hire. You can see the full range at If you are unsure what you need, then give us a call on 01928 589600 and we will find the perfect answer for you.