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Concrete Moisture Meter Hire – Myths About Concrete Moisture

Concrete moisture meter hire is something that all businesses in the flooring and building industry need to consider. However, a lot of building professionals believe they do not need to worry about moisture-related problems, and this is because there are numerous misconceptions about concrete moisture testing. We aim to debunk these myths in this post. The first myth a lot of people take as being true is that surface testing provides a final moisture level. You are at risk of a false reading if you use any test method that relies on surface conditions alone.

Any test method that does not measure beneath the surface of the slab cannot provide a true picture of what moisture levels will result after the installation of flooring. This is because moisture levels in a drying concrete slab are higher at the bottom of the slab; yet once the slab has been sealed by a floor covering or other technique, the moisture will disperse evenly throughout the slab. Another myth is that you do not need moisture meter rental because the slab is not on grade. However, all concrete is impacted by ambient conditions, and so all concrete is at risk of complications related to moisture, which is why such test and measurement hire equipment is a must.

Another common misconception is that the concrete has been in place a significant amount of time, and therefore must be dry. However, there can still be high moisture levels within a slab of concrete, even if it has been in service for many years. Many building professionals also believe the myth that all flooring products have similar moisture tolerances. Tolerances can greatly vary today due to different flooring products and adhesives that are available. So, if you rent moisture meter equipment, you need to be aware of the moisture condition of the slab; and be sure the meter is compatible with the moisture levels in the slab.

And finally, the biggest myth of them all is that the slab is dry if the surface is dry. The slab’s surface cannot be used as an accurate indicator of the overall moisture levels. Clearly, you need to hire moisture meter equipment to gain a true picture of moisture levels. This is something we can assist with at Aughton Hire. We have a wide range of test and measurement equipment for hire, including thermal imaging cameras, calibration equipment, gas monitor hire and much more. To see our full range of tools for yourself, check out our website at