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Data Logger Hire – Collect Valuable Data With Precision

Data logger hire may be required in many different and varied scenarios. From environmental monitoring to unattended hydrographic recording, or gas pressure recording to energy surveys; a data logger collects measurements with utmost precision. If you’re new to using a data logger, then this small guide detailing how to use data loggers, what the benefits of using them are, as well as information on their intricate details and properties, will surely get you on your way. Afterwards, all you’ll need to do is get your hands on a data logger yourself. It’s especially easy with test and measurement hire equipment sites online.

Using A Data Logger For The First Time With Test And Measurement Hire

A data logger is a compact, battery powered device that records measurements over a length of time. While some data loggers are more general, and come with changeable pre-sets depending on what you want to measure, some are also specific to one particular job. For instance, specific data loggers can measure: AD/DC voltage, water temperature, air temperature, humidity, and even gas pressure. Perhaps the most common data logger, though, is one which measures phase 3 data supplies. The only voltage needed for the data logger to measure results is a standard 13A wall socket: the kind which every home and business in the UK has. Via monitoring with a data logger, energy costs can be cut dramatically – as well as carbon footprints – which ultimately makes the world that little bit greener. The current measurement is taken via flex CTs, and a typical measurement range usually consists of two amps all the way up to the two-thousand amps, so an accurate reading is absolutely ensured. The SPC Pro is a well known data logger series, known for its functionality and extensive safety features. All data loggers in this series are easy to use, easy to handle, and even display results clearly on an LCD display, which means you won’t be squinting and damaging your eyesight in the process. If it’s your first time using a data logger or calibration service, then why not try power logger rental with the SPC Pro series? You won’t be disappointed with this or any Fluke hire.

Why You Should Choose Electrical Data Logger Rental Over Owning

As mentioned previously, the SPC Pro series really is the way to go in terms of quality data loggers. But even though the data loggers themselves are relatively small, that doesn’t mean that the price of buying one outright will be small as well. You could find yourself paying a three – or even four – figure sum just to own one for yourself. That’s without taking potential accessories into consideration, like external batteries, additional cables or flex splitters. Therefore, if you won’t be using the SPC Pro on a constant basis, then it’s in your best interest to try electrical data logger hire instead. If you’re worried about receiving worn or torn products – don’t be. Reputable hire companies that specialise in renting out premium-quality data loggers take the utmost care with their data logger rental equipment. They ensure that it is in perfect functional working order before sending it to you. Internal tests are done to check performance, and the external appearance of the data logger itself are undertaken to ensure that there has been no damage during its previous renting period. Any faults are rectified before the specific piece of equipment is ready for hire again. Interested in renting an SPC Pro for yourself? One company that stocks the SPC Pro 3 Phase Dataloggger and provides rental on an ongoing weekly basis is Aughton Hire. Prices are very competitive here, meaning that you don’t need to look elsewhere for data logger hire.

For Data Logger Hire, There’s Only One Place To Go: Aughton Hire

We are Aughton Hire, the test and measurement division from Aughton Automation. If you’re in need of calibration services or test and measurement hire for either the short or long term, then you’ve come to the right place. Our online store stocks only the best manufactured equipment around – which is why we stock the SPC Pro. If you’re interested in getting your hands on the data logger, then act quick: it’s a very popular piece of equipment. Log on to our easy-to-use website at and request a quote today for the SPC Pro data logger hire. A friendly, informative staff member will get back to you as soon as they can.