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Electrical Test Equipment Hire – The Best Deal For Electricians

Electrical test equipment hire. In 1989, the British government implemented a law called ‘The Electricity at Work Regulation’, which requires all electrical systems to be tested so that they’re maintained and kept in safe conditions. If you’re an electrician, or you regularly measure and test electric-based systems, then you need the correct equipment to get the job done safely, and avoid causing damage to yourself or others. It’s important work – and getting it wrong has severe implications – so the equipment used really must be of high quality. Achieving this is much easier with test and measurement hire from a reputable company.

Test And Measurement Hire Equipment Has To Be In Working Order

It’s an unfortunate truth that most electricians and electricity testers – especially experienced ones – have used unsafe electrical test equipment at some point that has caused electric shocks and serious burns. Unsafe test equipment can have potentially life-threatening consequences: especially when it comes to arcing or a ‘flashover’ caused by poor or damaged test probes, leads, lamps and voltage indicators. Other variables such as dust, corrosion and small impurities on the conductor can also cause an arc flash – a specific kind of electrical explosion or discharge – which can prove to be fatal. Ultimately, safe electrical testing equipment is absolutely essential. All testers – whether electricians or not – should make sure they possess equipment constructed with suitably insulated and shrouded terminals, so the risk of short circuiting is minimised. Even batteries can cause a high-energy flashover if they short circuit, so it really is in your best interest to have quality test measurement equipment and devices you rely on. Do you have a job or project coming up in the near future, and need to immediately rent electrical test equipment hire such as high voltage test sets, earth loop impedance testers, or portable appliance testers? If so, then consider appliance tester hire from a reputable online store. There’s even the option of next day delivery, so you won’t have to wait around to complete your work. Not only will you receive safe and secure test equipment, you’ll have electrical testing equipment rental at a considerably lower price.

Safety Comes First, So Try Portable Appliance Tester Hire

Health and safety is an important practice in the workplace, and must be treated seriously. Electrical testers – whether they’re electricians or are in another qualified, test based role – must be equipped with the right risk-based equipment to generate, collect, and analyse the results. After all, if a fault goes undetected, it could have very serious results for the building and the workers inside of it. One of the leading brands in manufacturing outstanding test equipment for hire electrical test equipment is Seaward. Established in England over 30 years ago, Seaward are the finest in their field, so their test products really are ahead of the game. Their portable appliance testers have revolutionised safety management. For instance, their Apollo 600 model comes with an integrated, built-in risk assessment tool that reports on the electrical system’s quality. No matter what’s being tested – from portable appliances to power sockets, or emergency lighting to fire detection – the Apollo 600 is the best way to track, test, and measure the electrical happenings of all appliances. It can store up to 2000 images and up to 50,000 appliance records, so even if countless appliances in a building are being tested, this portable electrical test device makes overseeing health and safety far simpler job. If after reading you’ve made the decision to try portable appliance tester hire as soon as possible, why not hire the Apollo 600 with Aughton Hire? It really will be in your hands very soon after ordering – especially with next day delivery.

For Your Electrical Test Equipment Hire Needs, There’s Aughton Hire

Aughton Hire is a leading online equipment hire site which lets professionals around the United Kingdom rent safe, quality equipment on a weekly to month basis. We stock T&R high voltage test sets, Profitest machine testers, and Seaward portable appliance testers – just to name a few of the high-profile equipment brands we have. Want to browse for yourself? No problem. Just head on over to our website at to view our entire range of electrical test equipment hire tools. If you’d like to hire some of the test and measurement hire for yourself, then all you need to do is call us on 01928 589600.