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Electrical Tester Calibration Services – Everything You Need To Know

Electrical tester calibration services are a necessity for a lot of businesses today, including small laboratories, healthcare organisations, and pharmaceutical firms. This is a process that is essential for enhancing the quality of your equipment, and ensuring that all items adhere to the International Standards of measurements. An electrical calibration service includes scientifically comparing two instruments, one of which has proven correctness, enabling the other to attain the same level of quality. This enables businesses to achieve unrivalled precision and accuracy. Needless to say, different organisations have different needs, and so it is vital to find a business that can tailor calibration to suit your specific requirements.

Electrical tester calibration is especially important for new instruments, as well as those that have been modified, repaired, or exposed to adverse conditions. Important signs that you should have your instruments calibrated include: if a specific testing period has elapsed, and before and after a vital measurement. Calibration should also take place when indicators show a lack of correctness in two similar instruments, if the item has been exposed to abrupt weather changes, or if you suspect tools do not meet certain Reference Standards. Calibration not only ensures quality and efficiency, but means you won’t get in any legal difficulties that could result in a damaged reputation and financial loss.

You can also avoid damage before it actually shows up with regular electrical calibration services, as such services ensure errors are detected early. After all, faulty instruments and equipment result in increased expenditure and a waste of resources; two things all businesses want to avoid. If you are unsure regarding how often your instruments need to be calibrated, it’s advised to ensure your instrument is calibrated every 12 months; or six to nine months if it has been repaired. Of course, if you notice any of the signs mentioned above, you should seek a service immediately.

When looking for a company, it’s important to ensure that they offer Test Equipment Calibration Services that are traceable. You will be able to determine this by choosing a calibration laboratory that is accredited to international standard ISO17025. In the UK, UKAS is the certification body that accredits laboratories to this standard, so look out for signs that the company is certified to UKAS standards. You can be sure this is the case when you choose Aughton Hire. We are experts in test and measurement hire equipment and calibration services. Discover more at