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Flow Meter Hire – Perfect For Both Water And Air Measurement

Flow meter hire. Flow meters are multipurpose devices, and can be used to measure water and gas; the most common gas being air. Water is generally measured for flow, while air is measured for flow, and pressure and velocity. No matter what it is that you need analytical data for, make sure that you rent the correct device for the job. In the next few paragraphs, you’ll learn the best tools on the market for measuring flow, what makes them just so great, and why you should rent them through a reputable test and measurement hire company.

Test And Measurement Hire – Hiring Flow Meters For Water

If you’re experienced with using a flow meter, then you’ll already know that it’s used to measure non-invasive water and gas. In particular, it’s used to measure linear, nonlinear, volumetric or the mass flow or of liquids and gases. The type of flow meter used is utterly dependant on what’s being measure. If it’s being used for water measurement, then the type of water needs to be taken into consideration, including whether it is cooling water, clean water, or dirty water, for example. Many various aspects of the water – whether cooling, clean or dirty – can be measured, including energy flow measurement, raw water/sewage flow measurement, and flow surveys of large facilities. All are important measurements to keep on top of, to ensure that water is flowing as planned. Ultimately, the quicker the results can be compiled, the better. That’s why you should aim for an ultrasonic flow meter hire or gas monitor hire that can measure different flows separately. For instance, the Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter KATflow 230 is a cutting edge device that can check flow in two separate pipelines at the very same time. This dual-channel measurement for large pipes ensures increased accuracy, but it can be used for many other usages, such as drinking water and effluent measurements, or the verification of main water inlets. With battery life for up to twenty-four hours, this is one of the best flow meters on the market. Even though it’s a big name in the flow meter industry, you can source it through flow meter hire and flow meter rental for a very low cost.

Measuring The Air? Try Portable Flow Meter Rental

When it comes to sustaining comfortable and balanced ventilation, air pressure, air flow and velocity must be measured on a regular basis. Regardless of whether an air flow meter is being used in a block of apartments, an office building, or even outside, it needs to create accurate readings of air pressure, air pressure drops, and static velocity. The best flow meter on the market is most likely the Fluke 922 Airflow Meter. Manufactured and produced by Fluke – a world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of electronic test tools and software – you can guarantee the that Fluke 922 Airflow Meter can complete the job with stellar results. With this multifaceted, multipurpose device, you won’t have to worry about it dying halfway through a job. With up to 375 hours of life without backlight, and 80 hours with backlight (which is bright, so perfect for all lighting conditions), the air flow meter will collect all the data without faltering to short battery life. If you’re renting the Fluke 922 from an experienced provider, it comes with a kit that includes: the flow meter itself, a 20.48 pitot tube, ToolPak, two rubber hoses, wrist strap, a user manual and a hard carrying case. Everything you could possibly need for measuring and regulating air pressure and ventilation. But where can the Fluke 922 – and other great airflow meters – be rented from at a reasonable price? Aughton Hire are a highly reputable company based in Liverpool, UK that specialise in both ultrasonic flow meter rental and air quality testing equipment rental.

Whether You’re Working With Water Or Air, Try Flow Meter Hire From Aughton Hire

We’re Aughton Hire, and we’ve been hiring our high-end, high-quality pieces of equipment to professionals all around the United Kingdom for over 40 years. Whether you need flow meter hire to work with water or gas, we have a diverse range of appropriate tools to choose from. Fancy checking out our extensive, test and measurement hire range for yourself? Simply visit our company website at If you like what you see, we’d love to talk to you directly. Our telephone number is 01928 589600. Alternatively, we can also be reached via email: We can’t wait to get working with you.