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Flow Meter Rental: Elements You Need To Consider

Flow meter rental is essential if you need to measure the linear, nonlinear, volumetric or mass flow rate of a gas or liquid. There are numerous factors that must be considered before settling on the test and measurement hire equipment you need. These factors include how familiar your personnel are with such equipment; your specific plant needs; the length of time you need the equipment for; and your overall budget. You also need to consider aspects that may affect you indirectly, such as calibration requirements, maintenance and spare parts. Even if these are taken care of by the hire company, they still affect the availability and downtime of any meter.

Other more tangible considerations include the type of flow rate information that you want to collect from your portable flow meter rental. Do you want this information to be continuous or totalised? Must the information be available on site, or does it need to be accessed remotely? If the answer is remotely, then how will the information be transmitted – analogue or digital? It is also important to evaluate the properties and characteristics of the fluid that is to be measured. This ensures that the meter and the flow sensor are suitable for the fluid in question.

Different aspects of the fluid that have to be considered before settling on a strap on flow meter rental include the pressure, allowable pressure drop, temperature, density, conductivity and viscosity of the fluid. Additionally, the vapour pressure needs to be known, as well as how all these different properties can potentially interact and change. The piping and installation area of the flow meter hire equipment are other considerations. Aspects such as the size and material of the piping are vital to know, as well as the direction of flow of the fluid and ease of accessibility of the potential flow meter sensor.

In terms of the clamp on flow meter rental itself, you should consider its usability and reliability in addition to the aspects discussed at the beginning. An unreliable meter will not provide usable readings, and will increase your overall costs. This is not something you have to worry about when you hire your equipment from Aughton Hire. We calibrate and test all our hire equipment before it is released to be rehired. We also work hard to understand your requirements and ensure that you choose the right equipment from our range at