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Gas Monitor Hire – Putting Safety First

Gas monitor hire is a vital aspect of safety within a working environment. As part of a host of test and measurement hire options, gas monitors can protect you and your workforce from dangerous or toxic gases and the subsequent problems. However, many businesses can’t afford the investment and maintenance cost of their own gas monitors and so they hire them from companies who specialise in quality hire equipment of all varieties. This gives your company the reassurance of dealing with a reputable supplier who monitors all their hire equipment effectively. So, why might you need a gas monitor in your line of work?

An Essential Of Test And Measurement Hire Equipment

Gas monitors can save lives, whatever industry you’re in. For example, gas analyser hire options are brilliant for testing for unsafe gases in the refrigerant sector, as well as testing for gases in those areas which utilise such refrigeration equipment in their offices etc. When there is a serious risk of a flammable gas, which can occur in heavy industry situations, you need to ensure atmospheric safety. In addition, facilities management often encompasses the role of gas monitoring. This means that the general usage of gas monitor hire or flow meter hire options can take in everything from your basic office building to an entire shopping complex. And what gases are they searching for? Toxic ones like hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide are found frequently in the petrochemicals industry. The gases may be generated due to the normal processes of the factory or plant, and so levels must be monitored to control safety. Equally, utilising gas monitor rental for measuring gases and vapours that have flammable properties ensures that first response protocols can be followed. Another important aspect of a gas monitor is that it can act as an oxygen detector. The general level of oxygen in fresh air is about 21%, but dizziness and other effects can occur if levels drop. By keeping track of the amount of oxygen in the air in certain working environments, injury can be prevented. As such, many companies in sectors which consume oxygen during their processes or displace oxygen find gas monitors integral to their working processes.

Other Vital Tools – Moisture Meter Hire Choices

Moisture levels can be particularly useful pieces of equipment, especially for those working in and around masonry. Moisture meter hire is an essential tool for those working as surveyors. It allows them to check dampness and moisture levels in walls and grounds to produce a more accurate survey. As such, these concrete moisture meter hire options are also useful to homeowners and tenants attempting to get a full picture of the house they’re living in and ascertain any problems. In such a circumstance, however, you’re unlikely to want to buy your own meter. These are the times where reputable equipment hire services come in very useful. They allow you to hire the equipment you need for the time you’re going to need it. However, there are also plenty of reasons why professionals may choose to hire equipment rather than buy outright. For a start, the work they do may be sporadic and so owning a quality piece of kit that they don’t use very often may be an expense they can ill afford. Equally, there are maintenance costs to having your own gas monitor or moisture meter, and these are alleviated by hiring the necessary equipment. Hiring also ensures that items are maintained effectively and safely, allowing them to be used again and again without the fear of inferior results. In searching for a hire company, be sure to find one like Aughton Hire that offers a range of equipment and services; they’ll be best placed to supply the equipment you need at the time you need it.

Your Ideal Gas Monitor Hire Option Is Waiting With Aughton Hire

Aughton Hire are proud suppliers of test and measurement hire equipment. We know that every business is different and that you need different equipment for differing lengths of time. That’s why our gas monitor hire options and other equipment such as moisture meters are so popular with our clients. Our customer service and our prices are competitive and our company is well respected across the UK. So, if you’re looking for hire equipment to help you complete your job, look no further than Aughton Hire. Call now on 01928 589600 or visit our website at to learn more.