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Hire Electrical Test Equipment For Your Freelance Business

Hire electrical test equipment? This could be the answer you have been looking for to streamline your freelance business and make it more profitable. Whether you are primarily a PAT tester, or you regularly cover a range of electrical services, one of your largest outlays is buying the equipment you need. However, it doesn’t have to be. Despite what you may have heard, test and measurement hire could save you money over the long term. One of the reasons for this is the hidden costs of purchasing equipment outright.

High quality electrical testing equipment such as TDRs are not cheap to buy; and it is very rare that as a freelancer or self-employed electrician, you will only need just one piece of equipment. This leaves you with a quandary if you don’t choose TDR rental. Either you need to find a ready source of finance to buy the best equipment, or you need to go for cheaper alternatives. Finance is not easy to come by, meaning you are going to spend a lot of your precious time researching different sources of funding. This is costing you time as well as money. If you do find finance, then chances are it will involve making repayments and of course paying interest.

So, what about the option of finding cheaper alternatives? The problem with this is that you are likely to be compromising on quality. This means that you will need to replace the equipment sooner than you would if you opted for the best quality versions. It also means you run the risk of lower quality tools affecting your work. If this happens, it could impact on your reputation, meaning fewer offers of work; lower income; and tools and equipment left idle for long periods. Hiring TDRs and other equipment means that you can access the quality you need, without having to pay out substantial amounts of cash up-front. Insulation tester hire, rather than purchase, also means that your equipment is not sat gathering dust between jobs.

Another hidden cost associated with purchasing equipment rather than taking advantage of electrical test equipment hire is maintenance. When you undertake electronic test equipment rental through us at Aughton Hire, we take care of the maintenance for you. You receive equipment of the best possible quality, in full working order, and with full repair and maintenance back-up, at a reasonable weekly hire price. If you don’t need a piece of equipment for any length of time, you simply don’t hire it, or return it until it is needed again. Learn more about us at