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Hire PAT Tester To Maintain Equipment Safety

Hire PAT tester equipment may be essential depending on your business. While all sectors are likely to have at least one portable appliance that requires PAT testing, the frequency at which it should be tested will differ. The Health and Safety Executive state that PAT testing must be undertaken, but there are no set rules regarding how often this needs to take place. Similarly, there are few stipulations as to who can carry out the PAT testing, with the key one being that they are a competent person with adequate knowledge and experience of electricity and electrical work.

What does this mean for your business? In short, the implication is that you can choose between hiring a professional and training an existing staff member. There are many factors that affect this decision, including whether you have a member of staff with the level of knowledge and experience needed who is also willing to undergo a PAT testing course. If there is such an individual, then you are faced with the further question of whether you buy a testing instrument or opt for PAT testing equipment hire. This decision is mainly financial, and depends on the type of appliances used; their frequency of use; and the number of people who use them. For example, in an industry where portable electrical appliances are only used by staff, and then infrequently, PAT test and measurement hire will be much more cost-effective than purchasing it.

If, however, the equipment is used more regularly and more widely, then a viable financial alternative to PAT testing machine hire may be to purchase the equipment you need, perhaps second-hand. Regardless of whether you choose test equipment hire or purchase, it is important to source what you need from a reputable and knowledgeable source. We at Aughton Hire are such a source. We have over 40 years’ experience providing testing equipment to a range of industries. Learn more about our company and our full range at: