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Measurement Equipment Hire – Irreplaceable Tools For Professionals On The Job

Measurement equipment hire is essential in a number of roles to ensure the job can be completed successfully. Just as an architect cannot map out the construction of a building without the right software, you may not be able to get usable results without the right pieces of equipment. Regardless of what it is you’re measuring – from temperature to electronic signals, or sound levels to surface roughness – you need to have the correct devices available. Oscilloscopes and vibration meters are two of the most common pieces of equipment used for measuring. Here’s why you should consider not only sourcing them as soon as possible, but also renting them from a test and measurement hire company on a weekly basis.

Work In Maintenance Or Manufacturing? Get A Vibration Meter With Test And Measurement Hire

There are many hireable meters out there for the professional needing equipment from power meter hire to sound meter hire. But, whether you work in maintenance or manufacturing, in production or the lab, a very important tool to have on you is a vibration meter. Vibration meters are used in a many, many installations and machines to measure intricate, slight oscillations and vibrations. Whatever you’re testing, these meters pick up everything, including the three main aspects of vibration: vibration acceleration, vibration velocity, and vibration displacement. If any type of vibration needs to be checked and monitored, a vibration meter reads results with great precision. Thanks to the internal, constant accelerometer, accurate measurements are taken and recorded, and can be read easily on their colourful, bright screens. There’s also the ability to store the results internally, so you don’t have to write down the details immediately before taking the next reading or vibration sample. The usefulness of vibration meters – created by companies such as Monitran – doesn’t end there either. The devices are portable, meaning that you can carry one easily around on site or from job to job. Considering these are small digital tools that fit into the palm of a hand, they are quite expensive. Therefore, it may be in your best interest to rent the equipment rather than owning them yourself. Have you considered measurement equipment hire or electrical test equipment hire instead of owning? You may find it to be a significantly cheaper option.

Measuring Equipment Hire – Get The Perfect Results With Oscilloscopes

Oscilloscopes, which were previously known as oscillographs, are devices for viewing oscillations via the waveform of electronic signals. So, what does an oscilloscope actually do? They display common wave forms, like the sine wave and the ramp wave, on the screen after electronic signals have been analysed. There are a whole range of jobs and professions where electrical signal needs to be read over time, and oscilloscopes deliver the results instantaneously. Typical high-end oscilloscopes are handheld digital devices that are easy to use – and have many functions too. For instance, there’s the storage of waveform results for future reference, which is a huge help if you can’t note down the results as soon as they appear. Other features include the displaying of several waveforms simultaneously – so the results can be cross-examined – and multiple waveforms are often shown in different colours, so there is less confusion when analysing the results. These are just some of the functions you can expect from a top-of-the-range model. Additionally, integral features such as a high bandwidth frequency (200 Mhz) and 2.5 GS per second real-time sampling will ensure that your money is being spent on a fast and cutting-edge tool. Seeing as oscilloscopes are expensive pieces of equipment, why not try renting from a measuring equipment hire company on a weekly or monthly basis? It’s easy to do when working with Aughton Hire. Their Fluke 199C Scopemeter rent oscilloscope could be perfect for the job.

Looking For Measurement Equipment Hire? Speak To Aughton Hire

Our name is Aughton Hire. We’re the test and measurement hire division of Aughton Automation, a company established all the way back in 1969, so we really know our stuff when it comes to all things regarding hire. If you’re not convinced quite yet, perhaps this will persuade you: EDF have constantly used our services for over ten years now, and have nothing but praise for us. Interested now? Visit our website at to check out our exclusive and broad range of hireable equipment. From pressure metering equipment to electrical test equipment, we have every imaginable tool for measurement equipment hire today.