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Measuring Equipment Hire: The Importance Of Knowing What You Need

Measuring equipment hire can make a big difference to how you see and understand different aspects of your business, your premises and your energy usage. However, it is important that you know what it is that you need to measure, and what those measurements will tell you before you hire any equipment. Failing to take this into account can leave you with equipment hired that you don’t need, or results that are of no practical use to you. So, when it comes to test and measurement hire it is important to know your oscilloscope from your thickness gauge.

An oscilloscope is most commonly used to analyse the waveform of electronic signals. It displays this information as a graph showing the instantaneous signal voltage as a function of time. There are numerous reasons why you might want to rent oscilloscope equipment including as a tool to troubleshoot malfunctions in electronic equipment. It can also be used to check the effectiveness of newly designed circuitry. An oscilloscope is able to uncover problems in design, electrical noise and bad voltage levels, among many other aspects. An ultrasonic thickness gauge, on the other hand, has a completely different set of uses. It provides non-destructive measurements of the thickness of objects such as walls. It is extremely useful for situations where only one side of the item to be tested can be accessed.

Just by looking briefly at these two tools you can see why it is important to know what it is you are going to be measuring before undertaking any measurement equipment hire, including ultrasonic thickness gauge rental. If you are unsure of your needs, then access to the right advice is vital. When you hire your equipment through as at Aughton Hire, that is exactly what you get. You can call the team on 01928 589600 for any support you need, or view our entire range at