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Moisture Meter Hire Is Essential When Working With Wood

Moisture meter hire is essential in numerous different sectors, and this is especially true of any sector that work predominantly with wood. Of all materials that are subject to change dependent on their moisture content, wood and paper are two of the most sensitive. Almost every aspect of wood can be affected by moisture levels, so proper monitoring with reputable test and measurement hire equipment is essential. Purchasing or hiring meters from a less than reputable source could have severe and ongoing consequences, not only for the usefulness of the material in question, but also your business in the longer term.

Among the aspects of wood that can be affected by moisture are shrinkage and distortion. The amount of shrinkage that occurs during the drying process of wood is dependent on the species of tree that has been harvested; the same is true of the type and severity of distortion. The ability to rent a moisture meter also means that when the wood is being kiln dried, or other artificial methods are being used, care can be taken to ensure it is not being over-dried. Over-drying could lead to the material becoming brittle and of no use for its intended purpose.

Whether you are testing the moisture levels of materials like wood or need hygrometer hire to test the levels of moisture in the atmosphere, it is important that the equipment you hire is up to the job at hand. When you hire your testing equipment from Aughton Hire, you can be assured that you are getting the very best in quality. From moisture meters to gas monitor hire, all our equipment is of a high specification, and is thoroughly checked and tested before being released for hire to the next client. To explore the answers to your equipment hire needs, visit: Alternatively, call us on 01928 589600 and we will find the right solution for you.