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Multifunction Tester Hire Choosing The Equipment You Need

Multifunction tester hire can save you a fortune. Rather than buying equipment that becomes obsolete before you get your money’s worth, you can hire what you need, when you need it; paying only for the time that it is in use. However, to achieve the most accurate results possible and to get true value for money, it is important that you choose your test equipment hire with care. This starts with knowing what it is that needs testing, how regularly the testing needs to be carried out, and knowing the qualifications and experience of the person who will be carrying out the testing.

The next step is to determine what features you require from your test and measurement hire. This includes the type and size of the display on hire test equipment and the size of the instrument itself. These elements matter if you need to move around a lot during testing; if you have difficulties reading different scales; or are working in poor light conditions where a large backlit display is a must. The actual testing functions of the multifunction tester are also important. What is it you are going to be testing? What results do you need access to? Generally, multifunction testers cover aspects such as voltage and frequency, wiring polarity, installation resistance and RCD tripping level, to name just a few.

Whether you are looking to test earth resistance, or need pull out testing equipment hire, the most important aspect is safety. You need to know that the equipment you are looking to hire is safe to use and will provide accurate readings, ensuring the safety of what has been tested. The best way to ensure this is to come to us at Aughton Hire. All our equipment is checked and tested before it is released for re-hire. We know that you don’t take chances, so neither do we. You can see the full range of testing equipment we have for hire by visiting