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Noise Monitoring Equipment Hire: Not Just For The Noisy Workplace

Noise monitoring equipment hire is not just for those who are in charge of monitoring the sound levels in noisy workplaces such as factories and warehouses. There are any number of other places of work, areas of the environment and even private spaces that could benefit from access to sound test and measurement hire. Understanding just one of the potential uses of this equipment is a good place to start; here we explore the importance of sound monitoring when it comes to music.

During the summer, people across the country flock to open spaces to enjoy live music and entertainment. Festivals in the UK are part of our tradition, but for those who work at them, they are also a risk to their health, hearing and general wellbeing if the correct procedures are not followed. Central to keeping everyone from the sound engineer and the guitarist to the security and festival volunteer safe is the ability to measure and monitor the levels of noise at different places and at different times. However, if you only organise one festival a year, buying the equipment is not exactly cost effective. And that is where noise meter hire comes into its own.

Of course, music noise levels do not just need to be monitored outside at festivals. If you run a pub, club or other facility that hosts live or recorded music, then noise recording equipment hire is for you too. Not only will this help you to keep everyone’s hearing safe, but it will also aid in reducing distortion, producing the best sound possible inside your venue. For the best in any environmental monitoring equipment hire you need the best company, and that is Aughton Hire. We have over 40 years’ experience of proving a range of measurement and testing equipment for hire. So, before you organise any musical event, visit and see how we can help you.