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Power Logger Rental: Getting The Basics Right

Power logger rental enables you and your team to better understand the distribution of electricity throughout your place of work. Such equipment allows you to discover why you have problems in your system, including where it is not fit for purpose. While such test and measurement hire equipment is simple to set up and use, it is still important that it is done so correctly, and that you have hired the right equipment in the first place. Failing to do this will make any results you get unreliable, and therefore leave your system at risk.

There are numerous tools available to measure and analyse power quality. They differ in how they show results, their ease of use and how much data they can hold. These are all aspects you need to take into consideration when looking at power quality analyser hire. You also need to check on the parameters that the data logger hire tool can measure and record. The most typical parameters, and the minimum you should expect to find, include frequency, amperage, voltage, sags and swells in voltage values, harmonic currents and power factor. A quality machine should also allow you to see current and voltage unbalance, distortion and crest factor and light flicker.

The best way to ensure that your power data logger rental equipment is up to the task at hand is to rent it through a company with experience and a positive reputation. Start by checking out the credentials of any company you are considering and looking at reviews from previous customers. At Aughton Hire, we are always happy to share our knowledge and expertise, and value all our customers’ feedback. Find us at and explore our full range of equipment for hire. Alternatively, if you have any questions, call us today on 01928 589600.