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Sound Level Meter Hire: Why Class One And Other Considerations

Sound level meter hire can mean the difference between a safe and unsafe working or living environment in relation to noise pollution. Working or living in an environment where the background noise level is too high can damage hearing over the long term and even lead to emotional and mental health complications. When considering test and measurement hire, it is important to source the highest quality equipment available. Low quality can lead to mistakes in readings, and this in term can put your auditory health and general wellbeing at further risk. Securing top quality products starts with the company that supplies them.

When choosing a company to provide noise monitoring equipment rental, the key thing to look for is expertise. Ask questions about the equipment, its purposes and the firm’s rental agreements. The company should have detailed knowledge of environmental monitoring equipment hire and the regulations surrounding noise pollution. If they don’t have this knowledge, it could detrimentally affect any advice they provide for you. In terms of the product itself, there are two classes of sound meter available: class one and class two. Both do the exact same job; however, class one meters have a tighter error tolerance and a wider frequency range. This makes them the more accurate meter, and so should always be the meter of choice.

Once you have found your class one meter, ensure that it also has all the functions that you need, and that it is suitable for the task at hand. Most meters can provide the functionality required for a range of noise monitoring situations. However, there may be times when you need more specialist equipment, such as ultrasonic thickness gauge hire. Only a quality experienced company such as Aughton Hire will fully understand and advise on your requirements. With over 40 years’ experience in testing and measurement equipment hire, we have the expertise and the quality necessary. Find us at