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Sound Meter Hire: Understanding Noise Level Legislation

Sound meter hire could be the answer you need if you are an employer who is concerned as to whether you are meeting the needs of your employees in relation to safeguarding their hearing. As an employer, you have a legal duty of care towards your employees, and that duty includes assessing the level of risk that they are at in relation to noise levels they experience in their day to day work life. You are also responsible for acting on the results of any risk assessment, should that assessment show that changes are needed.

To assist you in your risk assessment, the Health and Safety Executive have documented the levels of exposure that employees should not exceed on average, over the course of the working day or week. They also state the peak sound pressure that employees should be exposed to during the course of carrying out their general duties. If your levels, as indicated through the hire noise monitoring equipment you access, exceed these levels, then action should be taken. For example, the upper exposure values for daily or weekly average exposure are 85dB, and the peak sound pressure is 137dB.

If the noise meter rental equipment shows that these levels are being exceeded, then you must either make changes to the environment or provide safety equipment that reduces the risk of damage to hearing. This includes providing hearing protectors that are suitable for the work the employees undertake; and ensuring that the protection is worn, and worn correctly. You may also consider removing the cause of the noise if possible. This could involve updating equipment to quieter models. Ensuring that rest and break areas are less noisy is another move you can make to ensure the safety of your employees.

Of course, to achieve an effective risk assessment, you need the correct noise measuring equipment. This is where measurement equipment hire from a suitable source is vital. When you hire from Aughton Hire, you can be assured that you are getting value for money and quality equipment. We have over 40 years’ experience of sound level meter rental and the knowledge you need to help you make a fully informed choice as to the equipment you require. If you need advice on any aspect of test and measurement hire call us on 01928 589600. Visit us at today and start your journey to a safer workplace.