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Thermal Imaging Camera Hire – What Are They For?

Thermal imaging camera hire is an integral aspect of many businesses. While it used to be confined to use within electrical inspections, developments in the technology now means that thermal cameras are used for a wide variety of purposes. They can be used, for example, for mechanical surveys and non-destructive testing techniques. In effect, they are an integral part of most test and measurement hire services thanks to their diversity. When you’re looking at hiring any sort of device, from a supplier, you should ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable company who look after their equipment and their clients with care.

One Of The Best Items For Businesses In Test And Measurement Hire

Thermal imaging has a variety of applications that offer different benefits depending on which sector you’re in. Thermal camera hire or environmental monitoring equipment hire is an essential aspect of many industries. What thermal cameras do is translate thermal (heat) energy into a light that’s visible. This enables the operator to visualise and analyse a particular scene or object. These cameras are very sophisticated, processing the image and displaying it on a screen. Thermal image cameras allow immediate diagnosis of temperatures, although the data can also be fed into specialised software which allows for further evaluation. They are excellent devices for not only measuring temperature differences on a surface in figures, but they also give you a picture of the different temperatures on the surface. There are various features of thermal imaging cameras, some of which you’ll find useful for your work and some which may be surplus to your requirements. One of the benefits of thermal imaging camera hire rather than buying a thermal imaging camera is that you’ll have access to the best of all features, rather than simply selecting a cheap, probably second hand, camera to buy that may not include all the features you need. Thermal image camera hire also means that if your needs change or you decide to use your thermal imaging camera for a different purpose, you won’t have to replace a purchased camera. Instead, you’ll have all the functions at your fingertips when you deal with a reputable hire company who have a strong track record in delivering quality hire products. Don’t settle for less than a thermal imaging camera that works for you.

Thermal Imaging Camera Rental – What Applications Are There?

You may still have doubts about whether thermal imaging camera rental can positively benefit your business. Perhaps it seems like an unnecessary expense. However, the applications of thermal imaging cameras have developed hugely since they were first utilised for military purposes. For instance, firefighters are now using thermal cameras to see through smoke and to find people and fire hotspots within blazes. Police and other enforcement agencies also use thermal cameras to manage their activities. Other common applications include imaging of power line joints to ascertain problems, and use by building constructors to reduce heat loss within homes and other buildings. Home inspectors also make excellent use of thermal imaging cameras. They allow them to see aspects of the building that they would otherwise be unable to see and make judgements about how to proceed. When you’re trying to hire thermal imaging camera equipment, be certain that the hire company you’re dealing with has the capacity to deal with your requests. It’s not uncommon for businesses to want to source all their hire equipment from one company or, at least, from a small pool of companies. This allows them to build strong relationships with the companies and access equipment when they need it. However, having access to one good sized company means that you have all the benefits, but none of the disadvantages of working with several hire firms. In order to get the equipment, you need when you need it, work with a good-sized hire company such as Aughton Hire, who put customer service first.

Your First Stop For Thermal Imaging Camera Hire Is Aughton Hire

At Aughton Hire, we listen to our customers. We have test and measurement hire equipment of all shapes and sizes to suit all businesses and industry sectors. We know that that our clients want quality hire equipment at competitive rates available when you need it. Our thermal imaging camera hire service is used for various applications by clients we work with, and we get excellent feedback for this in line with the feedback received for other products. If you want to take a closer look at the hire products we have available for your business, you can visit our website at For enquires, you can also call 01928 589600.