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Thermal Imaging Camera Rental For Industrial Applications

Thermal imaging camera rental has become popular in the industrial sector. Thermal imaging cameras are non-invasive and powerful tools that can be used in industrial applications to monitor and diagnose the condition of mechanical and electrical components and installations. With thermal imaging camera hire, you are able to identify any problems early, which enables them to be documented and rectified before the problem worsens and, of course, becomes much more expensive to resolve. For more information regarding the use of thermal imaging cameras in industrial applications, read on.

There are many benefits you will receive by taking advantage of a high quality thermal imaging camera, such as can be obtained from Flir thermal camera rental. This includes saving valuable money and time; finding potential faults before real problems occur; determining exactly what needs to be fixed; storing information; measuring temperatures; and identifying and locating problems. Other benefits include being able to perform inspections when systems are under load and have a full image of the situation. What’s more, they are easy to use as a digital camera or a camcorder. As thermal imaging cameras are such versatile and valuable tools, it is virtually impossible to list all of the applications. Innovative and fresh ways to use the technology are being developed on a daily basis.

However, we can give you a brief overview of how thermal imaging hire can be used in specific industrial applications. This includes inspecting electrical components and systems of all shapes and sizes, including both low voltage and high voltage installations. Thermal data that is collected by a thermal imaging camera can also be an exceptional source of complementary information to vibration studies when it comes to monitoring mechanical equipment. There is no doubt that they can be invaluable to assist with pipework, in petrochemical and refractory installations, for tank level and flare detection and much more besides.

If you see the potential in being able to rent thermal imaging camera equipment, Aughton Hire can assist. We have an exceptional reputation in the industry when it comes to test and measurement hire. With an extensive selection of tools to choose from as well as a first-class calibration service, you won’t be disappointed. Find out more about what we can do for you by heading to our website, Alternatively, if you have queries or would like to speak to a member of our team for any reason, you can give us a call on 01928 589600. We will be more than happy to assist you in any manner we can.