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Ultrasonic Flow Meter Hire: Understanding Your Flow Meter Needs

Ultrasonic flow meter hire is essential if you work with closed fluid filled systems. Such equipment allows you to measure the velocity of the fluid and calculate the volume flow without interfering with the movement of the fluid or its surroundings. This is very useful if you are working in an environment where maintaining specific environmental conditions is vital. However, before you settle on test and measurement hire equipment, you need to ensure that it will meet all your needs.

Firstly, consider the unit itself: does it need to be portable? How do you want it to attach to the pipes containing the fluid? When considering this aspect, also bear in mind the size of the pipes that you are attaching the flow meter to; will you need ultrasonic flow meter rental with a wide pipe diameter capability? Do you want it to run on mains electricity or batteries, and if you are considering a battery-operated model, how long do you need the battery life to be? You also need to consider aspects such as the display, calculation and diagnostic functions and whether you require dual-channel measurements.

You should also think carefully about aspects such as the memory capacity of your flow meter hire and the software compatibility. Moreover, look at its ease of use and additional functionality. If you can source a flow meter that offers optional wall thickness gauging, then you can increase the accuracy of your measurements. When you access portable ultrasonic flow meter rental through Aughton Hire, we can guide you through all these questions and much more. We only stock the best in flow meter technology. You can view our entire range of equipment for hire at If you are unsure of what you need or have other questions, please call 01928 589600 and one of the team will find the answers for you.