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Vibration Monitoring Equipment Hire: Who Needs It And Why

Vibration monitoring equipment hire can be the answer to ensuring the safe working practices of any of your staff who use equipment causing vibrations. Working with tools and equipment that cause vibrations can have a detrimental effect on workers’ health, potentially resulting in HAVS – hand-arm vibration syndrome. The first step to removing, or at least reducing, the risk of this monitoring exposure. Monitoring does not need to be continual, according to the Health and Safety Executive, and therefore test and measurement hire is likely to be the best use of the resources you have.

Continual monitoring of vibration, except in specific circumstances, is unnecessary and produces more information that can reasonably be handled. However, it is important to monitor exposure for a period of time, particularly if new equipment is installed; working practices are changed; or tools and equipment are moved. Monitoring through vibration meter hire should firstly determine the level of exposure and whether it is above the Exposure Limit Value or exceeds the Exposure Action. If it does, then immediate action needs to be taken to reduce the level of exposure. This may involve limiting the time that a worker spends with that specific piece of equipment, or looking at different ways of working to reduce exposure overall.

However, it should also be noted that to fully comply with the regulations related to vibrations in the work place, it is not enough to keep vibration exposure below the Exposure Limit Value. A worker who is shown through vibration monitoring equipment rental to regularly reach even close to the Limit Value is still at high risk of HAVS. As an employer, it is your responsibility to reduce this risk as much as possible. This may mean using your test results to produce more ergonomic working conditions. Alternatively, it could involve using the money you have saved with environmental monitoring equipment hire, rather than purchase, to invest in better quality tools and equipment that are designed to reduce vibration.

Regardless of the approach you take to solving the problem of vibration exposure, you need to start the process with access to high quality vibration meter rental. The best way to achieve that is to contact us at Aughton Hire. We only stock the best vibration monitoring equipment, and have the skills and expertise to ensure you get the right equipment for your needs. You can find out more by visiting, or calling us on 01928 589600.